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More sectors. More routes. More profit.

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Optifly is a cutting-edge schedule optimization tool that works as an extension to your existing network scheduling software. It’s cloud-hosted, web-based and requires minimal integration or upheaval for your airline.

Optifly uses tailored AI to quickly automate vast manual scheduling tasks, allowing planners to set operational rules and commercial goals, test multiple scenarios and build robust, highly optimized clean-sheet schedules that make the most of your fleet.

AI flight scheduling is changing how LCCs do business. Optifly puts you at the forefront.

Optifly is proven to build schedules 10x faster and 10% more profitably.

What Optifly can do for you

Increased utilization

Optifly increases asset utilization by maximizing an airline's most profitable sectors or available seat kilometers and the number of minutes flown per aircraft. We are consistently seeing a 5-8% increase in sectors across our LCC partners.

Lower costs

Optifly offers simplicity in purpose, lowering the cost per available seat kilometre by increasing the number of sectors or hours each aircraft can fly. Lower costs mean lower prices, and more passengers in the air each day.

Scenario planning

Using tailored AI to quickly automate vast manual scheduling tasks, schedulers can run multiple alternative "what-if" simulations against a variety of data points ensuring the most profitable, competitive and consumer appropriate schedule.

More profit

More sectors, more routes, more time in the air for every aircraft in your fleet. Optifly brings cost efficiencies and increased revenues, helping you to outfly the competition.

Improved schedule quality

Dynamically set and change constraints and automate your schedule build with speed and accuracy, reducing manual repetitive tasks and violations from human biases and errors.

Increased operational resilience

A clean-sheet schedule built in Optify is more robust, more reliable and more recoverable. Rapid, automated schedule building also gives you the agility to react smartly to late changes, slot availability and external events.

Better crew scheduling

Keep crewing hours within legal limits and avoid inefficiencies or following day blockages. An increase in block hours and average sectors flown per aircraft means longer shifts and happy flight crews.

Our Partnerships

Optifly began working with Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, in 2020 with the goal of fully optimizing their schedule to support their rapidly expanding fleet and anticipated passenger growth.

Optifly was initially used to optimize one of Ryanair’s largest and most competitive markets, Italy, where our software was used to optimize 91 aircraft or 18% of Ryanair’s network for Summer ’22. Ryanair increased seat capacity across Italy by 38.1% for summer 2022 vs summer 2019. This is 3x the seat capacity increase achieved by the airline for the season across the broader network.

Optifly has been rolled across Ryanair’s full fleet of 484 aircraft for winter ’22 and 547 aircraft for summer ’23. Everything on sale on the Ryanair website has been created by an Optifly AI algorithm.

“We are excited by the results so far and the immense potential offered by Optifly’s scheduling software. We’re confident that Optify will support Ryanair’s traffic growth to 200m passengers p.a. by 2026.”

Jason McGuinness

Director of Commercial at Ryanair

Optifly is delighted to announce our long-term partnership with Eurowings, the value carrier of the world’s largest airline group to supply our next-generation AI scheduling software.

Using Optifly’s cloud-hosted web application, Eurowings Network Planning, Scheduling and Slots teams can now define internal operational rules and protocols, enabling users to quickly build a clean-sheet schedule that meets not only the operational constraints but also the commercial objectives of the airline.

Optifly has initially optimised part of Eurowing’s winter ‘22 schedule and we now look forward to working together to optimise the full fleet of over 100 aircraft for Summer ‘23, delivering More sectors. More routes. More profit.

“The first time I saw a demo of the Optifly product I knew this was a game-changer. The increase in utilization from optimizing for additional seats or sectors, and the speed at which they build clean sheet schedules, minutes, are truly remarkable. This allows my teams to experiment with multiple different scenarios and better decide how to deploy our capacity.”

Michael Haendel

Vice President Network Management

Optifly is delighted to announce our partnership with Vueling Airlines. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both organisations as we join forces to drive innovation within the aviation sector.

Together, we are embarking on a journey to revolutionise the way airlines build and optimise their schedules, maximise operational efficiency and set new benchmarks in schedule optimisation and utilisation.

This partnership represents another exciting opportunity for us to significantly contribute to the aviation sector and solidify our position as a leading clean-sheet schedule optimisation technology provider across low-cost carriers. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with Vueling to achieve remarkable results together.

Outfly the Competition

The Optifly team have been creating cutting-edge AI scheduling tools for the past 15 years. It’s all we do, and we have a proven track record in optimizing and automating schedules across industries including rail, healthcare, education and now aviation. We intimately understand the operational costs of a working schedule, and we’ve seen first-hand the value that AI optimization can bring to airlines.
Our team take a personal, cooperative approach that considers every commercial, operational and external factor affecting your airline. We add rather than change, allowing your planners to continue operations as usual, but with vastly enhanced capabilities and information to help them make smart commercial decisions.

Optifly’s mission is to create quick, robust, highly optimized flight schedules for our partner airlines, unlocking efficiencies, increasing revenues and allowing them to consistently Outfly the Competition.

Views from the cockpit

Views from the cockpit

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